Online checklist management system

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Revolutionise productivity, eliminate mistakes and drive consistency

Easy to use

Simple to train for all levels of users

Guided checklists

In-built workflow for guided checklists

Centralised web-based management & reporting

Everything is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection

Scheduling & alerting

Never miss a scheduled audit or review

Bluetooth integration

Work with Bluetooth temperature probes, barcode scanners, photo uploading & more

Fully customisable

Setup of reviews, checklists including corrective actions, follow-ups & reports

Companion app available on

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Certified by HACCP International

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How BrandMate helps your business

Digital Food Safety

Ensure your restaurants are compliant, and that you know about it when they are not!

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Site & Brand Auditing

The days of completing site audits on paper, or via a spreadsheet are long gone

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Operating Procedures

Assisting managers by reminding them of what needs to be done

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“From a review perspective, being able to check completion anywhere, anytime has been invaluable particular in the current climate where physical presence in a restaurant has not always been feasible. BrandMate offers a full suite of reporting which enable thorough review and investigation”

“BrandMate has transformed our food safety program and system from a confusing paper-based program, into a digital platform that allows staff to simply follow the steps on the checklist to complete the tasks correctly and on time.”

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Based in Melbourne, Australia, we have been providing digital checklist systems since 2010.

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